Effects of γ-ray irradiation on тюльпан

ionizing radiation potentially
accelerates the breeding process
of ornamental
plant species

sie kannten Mister und Madame Tjul'pan kaum
Mx Тюльпана noch weniger

increasing the irradiation dose
from 5 to 100 Gy the
anthocyanin and flavonoid
contents continuously

als Tjul'pan versuchte zurückzuweichen
nahm der Tod ein anderes Werkzeug

increasing the irradiation dose
from 20 to 100 Gy enhanced
the micronucleus rate

«Тюльпани», «micronucleus», dachte es sich mir und ich starrte
auf das Gewirr der Buchstaben

the results of plant growth parameters illustrated
that a low irradiation dose (5 Gy) had stimulatory effects
on bulb germination, plant growth and flowering

whereas high irradiation doses had more significant
inhibitory effects on various plant growth and flowering parameters
including germination rate and survival rate

high irradiation doses (60 to 100 Gy) significantly
decreased chlorophyll biosynthesis

γ-ray irradiation was indirectly found
to be a reason for the change in the
pattern and colour of flowers

«Тюльпани», dachte es sich mir